New Product: 2020+ Explorer ST Hot Side Charge Piping

We are excited to announce the release of our hot side charge piping kit for the 2020+ Ford Explorer ST. Keep an eye out for updates as the product will be released mid December. The piping kit replaces the small plastic piping connecting the turbo outlets to the passenger side of the intercooler. The hot side tubes are 2.5″ in diameter and take a more direct path minimizing restrictions and back pressure for maximum volume and pressure. Each set will come powder coated in our select colors or you can choose a custom color as well.


  • Greatly improves airflow from the intercooler
  • Adds low-end power and throttle response
  • Larger diameter tubing and smoother bends than stock
  • Does not require tuning
  • Fits with both stock and most aftermarket intercoolers
  • Easy drop-in replacement for stock
  • Comes with couplers and clamps

Our hot side charge piping kit pairs perfectly with our intake and BOV charge pipe kit. Please note that the hot side kit does not fit with the oem or other aftermarket intakes that keep the air filters in the oem location.

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