FENFABrication Honda Forward Facing Turbo Manifold

All our manifolds are fully back purged and made from sch10 stainless steel pipe to ensure a free flowing, long lasting manifold. A Mild steel CNC transitioned head flange is used to minimize warping/pulling exhaust studs. This Fits a wide range of turbos from GT30s to big framed BorgWarner Turbos. Our forward facing turbo manfild requires light trimming to the radiator support and fits behind the stock bumper. AC and power steering are not compatible with this setup.

  • T3/T4 open scroll, T4 twin scroll available ($150 up charge)
  • Two surface finishes available. Normal wire wheeled finish or a polished finish ($150 up charge)
  • Free Shipping!

This is for the turbo manifold only. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to answer them!

WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime Warranty on turbo manifolds - Warranty is limited to welding defects. Warranty does not cover manifolds that have been heat wrapped or that have improper downpipes/dumptubes.

SHIPPING: All manifolds are built to order, so please allow 3-6 weeks for your item to ship!

DISCLAIMER: This product is made for off-road use only.

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#ff-mani1001-t3os T3 Open Scroll $950 View »
#ff-mani1001-t3osp T3 Open Scroll (Polished) $1,100 View »
#ff-mani1001-t4os T4 Open Scroll $950 View »
#ff-mani1001-t4osp T4 Open Scroll (Polished) $1,100 View »
#ff-mani1001-t4ts T4 Twin Scroll $1,100 View »
#ff-mani1001-t4tsp T4 Twin Scroll (Polished) $1,250 View »
$950 — $1,250

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